Should You Hold Off Being Intimate?

In today’s society, having sex on the first date may not seem as taboo as it once was. This doesn’t mean you should follow suit and do the deed with the guy you’re really interested in. Holding off being intimate with your potential partner may be beneficial for your long term relationship. Not only does it build anticipation for the big moment but it also may result in better sex when you finally have it.
You may have great physical chemistry with the guy you’re currently seeing. In fact his touch just sends shivers down your spine and you know that sex will be amazing with him. So why wait? If you get to know him more on an emotional level, you both become more vulnerable and open. This will bring you closer and help build on the physical connection even more. Emotional intimacy (for women) allows them to be more relax during sex and make the experience extremely pleasant.
Having sex too early can also give mixed signals. You might think being intimate means a committed relationship, but unless that is stated clearly he might think otherwise. This can lead to him thinking you are just a fling or a fun time rather than something to pursue. If he wants to stay and be committed to you, he will wait to be intimate with you when you both are ready. Relationships that are built on sex do not usually last, especially if there is no chemistry emotionally or intellectually.
Taking your time and not rushing to be intimate allows you to truly see if you are compatible with your partner. You can see if he has the same goals as you in terms of a long-term relationship and establish a strong emotional bond. A man who has strong feelings for you will not think you’re being a prude or anything like that. In fact he might appreciate it you aren’t rushing sex and want to connect on other level. This leads to a very solid partnership and having a strong foundation is necessary for a relationship to last and endure.

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