Sifting through First Impressions

Heading home from your first date can leave you feeling a variety of emotions. You could feel elated, joyous, drained, confused, hurt, frustrated, and any number of other emotions. How do you sift through the impressions that were made by your date, and also the impressions you made?

Don’t Dwell on Any Impression

First impressions can become etched in our mind. They can cloud the rest of what we feel or think we know about a person from that moment on. There’s an expression you’re likely familiar with that states, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

So when you get home, close the door, and begin to unwind from your first date, turn on the television, pop in a movie, or listen to the radio. Do whatever you do to clear your mind and do not think about those impressions any more that night (or afternoon).

When you go to sleep, whenever you find your thoughts drifting back over those events from earlier, try to block them out. Tomorrow will be a better time to go through them.

Why Avoid Thinking about Those First Impressions Right Away?

The reason why it’s a good idea not to think too much about those first impressions right away is because you are emotional. Men and women (regardless of what men say at times) are emotional after a first date. Good or bad, those emotions will cloud perceptions about how things went.

Have you ever had the experience where, at the moment something happened, you felt one way and were absolutely certain about those emotions, but then a day or two later, they didn’t seem so bad? Let everything slide that evening. Even if your best friend calls and asks how it went, just say you’ll talk to them later.

The Next Day

Once you wake up the next day, you’re back into a routine. You’ll get ready for the day and then you can begin sifting through those invaluable first impressions. Was your date really arrogant or is he special and his vast experiences intimidated you at first? Did she come across as insensitive or distant last night but you realize now that she might be shy?

When you can step back from the moment, you’ll gain clarity. Admit to yourself that you’re going to be nervous on a first date; it’s natural. That means your emotions will already be ragged and tweaked and when that happens, you’ll interpret normal, everyday signs in a much different way.

Unless the date was a total disaster, save the analysis of those first impressions for the next day. You’ll be able to gauge more accurately and honestly whether a second date is in the cards.

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