Signs He’s Into You

Trying to figure out whether or not the guy you’re seeing is into you can be a complicated thing. You don’t want to read too much into his gestures but you don’t want him to think you aren’t interested. So how can you tell he likes you? What signs should you look for? Often times the little things he does and how he acts around you can give away that he’s totally digging you as well.
Does he call you or send you random texts messages during the day? Has he made an effort to go out of his way to see you regularly? If he actively seeks your company and enjoys spending time with you regardless what you are doing, he’s very much into you. Be sure to do the same and let him know you are into him as well.
If he introduces you to the people in his life, like his best friends and his family he wants you to be part of his life. By introducing you to the people closest to him, he’s showing you that you mean something to him. If he also makes an effort to get to know your friends and family, it means he’s interested in getting to know the people who have influenced you and the person you are today. It’s a big sign he wants to be in the picture for a long time. Men who are not interested will rarely invite you to social gatherings or care about your friends and family.
Another sign he’s digging you is when he takes times to know your interests and passions. Even if he doesn’t care for all the things you’re into, like hot yoga, it doesn’t mean he’ll discourage you from taking that awesome class. Guys who are invested in a woman and want to be with her long-term will be extremely supportive in whatever her interests are. If you are into him you should do the same.
When a man is into you, all the signs will be there. By incorporating you into his life and accepting you and your interests, he looking to be with you in the long run. It’s not always the big grandiose gestures that signal he’s into you, rather the sweet subtle things he does with you and for you that truly show his feelings towards you.

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