Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationships can come in all forms and can be both physical and mental. It’s never easy to leave someone, especially a person you care about, but if you feel you might be in abusive relationship, you need to leave him. For some woman it can be hard to identify if they are in an abusive partnership especially if the signs aren’t physical. Take the time to identify if you see some of these signs in your relationship.
• Your partner is extremely jealous of anyone who you are with, be it friends or even family. He needs to know your every move and is extremely possessive of you.
• Abusive partners can be very controlling and will insist on knowing everything you do. He tends to have control over everything, including how you spend your finances and who you talk to. You even need to ask for his permission if you wish to go somewhere.
• He’s overly critical of everything you do. If something is not done the way he wants, he is quick to temper and will throw every insult at you. If you don’t do something he likes, he’ll make a remark about how you look and bring your confidence down.
• He blames you for his outbursts instead of taking responsibility. All of his actions are your fault and you should feel responsible for what has happened.
• There is physicality in your relationship. Abusive men tend to be domineering and need to prove they are in charge. They are also very quick to resort to violence to get their point across. He constantly threatens you physically to the point you flinch every time he moves.
No person should ever be in an abusive relationship yet there are many people who are. If you find yourself in one or are beginning to see signs of an abusive relationship, leave it. No man is worth your confidence and self-worth. It may be hard for you to leave him, especially if you care for him but you need to love yourself more and do what’s right for you.

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