Signs You’re On A Bad Date

If you’ve been dating for long you’ve been on a few (okay a lot) of bad dates.. Some of the stories go like this: cross-dresser who wanted to try on her boots, girl who picked at her feet all night, dinner at his mom’s house (while she was there!) Use your imagination and shutter at the horror of it all.

• Tardy– I’m not talking about 5 minutes either.
What you should do: Well before the date, confirm the time and day and exchange phone numbers. If someone is more than 10 minutes late the date can only go downhill from there. Being late is rude. It says, “I had more important places to be, things to do.” Leave after 15 minutes and don’t feel obligated to return messages, accept apologies or give the tardy one another chance. Be on time yourself. If you’re going to be unavoidably late (flat tire, tree blocking the road) text, or call, as soon as it becomes apparent that you will not arriving on time.

• Eye Contact – His eyes were on his phone, the sky, the ground, other women, his food, but never on me. When someone won’t make eye contact, they are just going through the motions, and this is certainly going to be a bad date.
What you should do: Try to maneuver your head to catch their eyes, or wave your hands at them. It’s all right to speak up and say something along the lines of, “ I am uncomfortable that you never make eye contact while we’re talking.” If the behavior doesn’t change immediately, find a way to end the date early and be blunt with why you are not interested in further contact.

• Rude Behavior – Behaving badly to anybody, not just you, is a sign you are on a bad date. If he/she is short with the cab driver, dismissive to the waiter and elbows his/her way through the crowd, there is good reason to believe that at some point you will be the target of his/her rudeness.
What you should do: Even if he/she is exceedingly polite to you, be wary of anyone who treats service people, or anyone for that matter, rudely. Apologize discreetly to Mr. Rude-pant’s victims and then call him/her out on his behavior and tell your date why you are leaving. Pay for your own food or drink if you’ve order it on your way out the door.

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