Silence Speaks

Have you ever just stared up at a full moon on a warm, balmy night with your best friend? Have you enjoyed an evening of lying in a hammock with the wonderful companion of a good book and watching the sun set? To purely enjoy these moments, you needed no conversation. Instead, you needed silence.
Sometimes what you don’t say, and when you are silent, speaks much louder than words. Let me explain this. . .
For the guys
If a woman is silently admiring something, maybe a display in a window or a piece of jewelry or a lovely dress, it means that she really, really likes it. Now, for a woman, silently admiring something means that she utters at least one exclamation or statement about how beautiful something is, and then she just looks either longingly or admiringly at the object (or the person even sometimes. . .). If you notice what a woman silently admires, you have a huge leg up in the quest to know what her intense and deep likes and dislikes are.
Now, sometimes a woman is silent because she is mad. Yes, there is the exception where a woman is silent because she is thinking about something, but, unless she is utterly exhausted or she has just started thinking about it, a woman usually talks about what she is thinking about. You can tell when a woman is silent because she is mad. She won’t be staring admiringly at a beautiful painting. She won’t be snuggled in your arms staring out at a brilliant and crisp winter night sky fill with stars. No, she will be shutting herself off from you. She won’t be talking to you while she is cooking – or while you are eating or even driving to the restaurant if you two are eating out. She won’t be talking to you while she is cleaning. Instead, she will be holding herself back from you.
Ask her three or four times if she says nothing is wrong the first time, for sometimes not telling you what is wrong is part of your punishment via the “silent treatment”.
For the girls
Okay, here is a shocker: if a guy isn’t saying anything to you, he isn’t necessarily mad at you or bored. Actually, he probably ISN’T made at you or bored. Instead, he is either admiring you (and possibly undressing you with his eyes), or he is just thinking, or he has had a really long day at work and is exhausted (especially if he has a job where he has to talk a lot, his “word quota” might be pretty much used up for the day, so don’t take it personally). Sometimes it is a combination of all three! You, as a woman, are intuitive. Look at his body language. If he doesn’t seem made, if he seems to be in more of a daze than a mad haze, ask him what is on his mind or what he is thinking about. However, if you do think that there is the slightest chance he is mad, you can go ahead and ask him what is wrong.
Just remember: silence from a guy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They only speak about half as many words a day as a woman does.

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