Silent Bliss

Sometimes silence – silence between two people in a relationship – can be a good thing. Let me explain. I am certainly not saying you should stop talking to each other, even for a day – that can utterly ruin a relationship. (Of course, some extenuating circumstances apply: let your girlfriend or boyfriend know before you go into a huge company meeting and then please don’t text them during it!) No, what I am saying is that sometimes silent(ish) activities can really draw you closer together. Also, as a side note that I will explain later, silence is the test of how comfortable you are around each other.
Quite activities
Do you like music? An excellent activity, then, for the two of you is to go to the symphony or a concert – pick the genre of music you two like! Or be giving and go to a performance in a genre that just your date loves. . . This isn’t necessarily a very quiet activity, but it is one during which the two of you don’t talk together very much.
Are you both book lovers? Then start up a fire if it is cold out, or sit in a hammock together if it is warm out. Pick up your favorite book and have your date pick up theirs. Then, just sit reading together with a drink in hand! Snuggling makes this activity even better. . .
Most everyone loves a sunset. . .most everyone loves to stargaze, too! Do you have a lovely view from one of your homes? Perfect! Just sit on your patio, or stand at the window, with a drink and watch the sunset together (or gaze at the stars together). This activity is also better if you are snuggling a bit. . . Do you NOT have a good view from your home of the sky? Then go drive to a beautiful place that does! Sometimes even outdoor shopping malls have an excellent view of the horizon. Just enjoy the moment together. Soak up the beauty. There is no need for conversation, not in those few minutes that you let the beauty envelope you.
The test of silence. . .
Can you be silent around each other and be happy? Are you comfortable standing together and watching the sunset without saying much? Can you curl up together and read a book together? Or lie in bed (are you there yet?) and be perfectly content without tons of conversation? Then you are comfortable together. You are good friends, as well two people that are “interested” in each other.

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