Social Media and Dating, What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

Dating and social media can be a beautiful thing. Through social media you can meet potential love interests and then once you find a great guy you can share all the wonderful things you do with him. Even if you love to share everything about yourself, you should think before you type that new status update. There is a delicate balance when it comes to oversharing and revealing too much information on your social platforms.
As stated before, oversharing is something you definitely shouldn’t do. Being too “mushy” or constantly posting pictures of you and your new boyfriend kissing are not something your friends want to see all time. Instead update your friends on the cool new restaurant you just checked out with your partner. You should also not spill all the juicy secrets of your first either, regardless of how much you like the guy. It can cause him to be uncomfortable and to think you are getting ahead of yourself, especially if it’s after one date. Also do not do the “relationship status” change unless you both are on the same page with your relationship (or lack of one in some cases). That can cause him to panic and run.
If you are creating dating profiles on the internet and want to link your social media sites to your profile you should go through them before you add them. There is a lot of history on them and you don’t want potential daters to see pictures of you making out with past boyfriends or even worse, seeing unflattering photos of you at that college party years ago. Wiping your entire profile can cause suspicion as well since potential daters may think you are hiding something by having nothing on your profile. Just look through your websites and remove anything that would be defamatory or work against you.
Sharing your thoughts and experiences on social platforms is a great thing. It allows you to be expressive, creative, and can open up new dating opportunities.

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