Split Personality Dating

I was fed up of being single and so I decided to join an Online Dating site. My friends all made fun of me, and said that it was really sad, and that it would just be full of ugly men who couldn’t get dates in real life. But I had read good things about online dating and I really had nothing to lose. I had been single for way too long and I was getting desperate.

I filled out my profile and was immediately bombarded with messages. I felt so popular! I’m quite picky though and there weren’t many guys that interested me. Then I met this guy whose picture was beautiful, seriously, it was perfect. What’s more, his profile description made my heart flutter – he said he was looking for a princess to spoil and that he wanted to meet a girl for a long-term relationship.

When he responded to my message I thought I had actually found my Mr. Right. We started to send each other messages back and forth, it was really exciting, and I felt really lucky! This gorgeous gentleman was interested in me, and we were probably going to arrange to go on an actual date real soon.

About a week went by and I hadn’t been onto the dating site at all because I had so much to do. When I went back on there, there were no messages for me from my Mr. Perfect. I was really disappointed. I decided to look through some recent featured profiles of new guys to cheer myself up, and that’s when I spotted my Mr. Perfect’s picture with a completely different name! I clicked on his profile to read it and it said that he was looking to meet attractive women for no-strings sex and short-term fun!

I was so humiliated. I didn’t dare tell any of my friends because they would just have said “I told
you so!”

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