Step 1: Are You Ready to Date?

Understanding What Type of Relationship You Are Looking For
Are you ready for a serious relationship at the moment or are just looking forward for some fun? Ask yourself, are you:
• Looking for some casual fun and a good time.
• Interested in having an open relationship for now and would wait and see if commitment falls into place after some time.
• Searching for true love and ready to settle down with a perfect partner who understands you.
Basically, dating is all about experimentation, and the way you portray yourself to your partner will cement the future of your relationship.
For example, telling her that you are not looking for something serious or long term on the very first date will spell total disaster and is sure to drive the woman away!
On the other hand, declaring utmost love for her the minute you set your eyes on her may come across as too-romantic-to-be-real, and can backfire at you as being a pushy and desperate attempt!
So, how else can you continue and define the relation? Well, the key here is to stay on a neutral ground, and treat the lady with respect and love. Make her laugh, let her have fun and at the same time, show her that she is special for you! Trust me, your girl will be instantly impressed!

The Importance of Personality and Dating
When you are out loose in the world of dating, your biggest advantage will be your personality. Now it depends upon you and you only that you make it your strength or your weakness!
Thinking about how your personality can impact upon dating? Stop for a moment and think from a woman’s perspective – why would she want to date you?
• Be Yourself – Hang in there and stay unique. Honestly, you do not want the girl falling for someone that you are not in reality.
And girls are sharp. Most of the time, they will pick it up instantly if you are showing off something that is artificial. And in a girl’s dating dictionary, a man who appears to be faking it is a complete no-no!

• Actions Speak Louder than Words – Your personality is not only reflected by the way you talk, but also by the way you behave and carry yourself. Keep a check on all the things you are doing when you are within the radar of the woman you expect to go out with!

• Everybody Wants to Have Some Fun! – No girl wants to hang around with someone who appears to be boring or disinterested. Show them how fun you are, and what are they missing out if they don’t get together with you!

• If Looks Could Kill – Believe me; you do not need to be a spitting image of Brad Pitt to get that pretty girl to talk to you. Most of the times, you can look amazing when you are brimming with confidence and that oomph factor!
Basically, if you end up wearing those frayed ol’ jeans and a tee with messed up hair, your lady won’t be so pleased. Make an effort to show that going out with her is a big thing for you!
Dress up, and show off your manhood with pride! A hip haircut, trendy attire and you at your best behavior will definitely strike a chord with all the fashionistas out there! Go on, give it a shot!

Confidence & Dating – How are they Related?
Confidence is the fuel that will take your dating attempts forward! Even if you make a complete fool of yourself just by setting your eyes on her, your confidence will make the situation cute yet perky for her! Wanna know how to boost your confidence and mesmerize your dream girl? These tips almost always work!
• Don’t plan it all up, instead stay spontaneous. The more you plan on making the moment perfect, the more are the chances that you can go blank or screw it up! Try being spontaneous yet fun and you will have your girl smiling and laughing at your perky personality in no time!

• Don’t Sound Desperate – This can be the ultimate confidence killer and a signal that will drive the lady away! Don’t let your compliments come across as a plea for attention. Make them count!
• No Bragging, Please! – Okay, last but not the least, stay confident about yourself, but don’t pass out as being over confident! Boasting or telling her that how cool you are will tend to make her bored and irritated.
Get the gentleman’s charm by showing her you are confident yet gentle and flexible! Talk to her but also listen to what she has to say. She will be pleasantly wooed over!

How to Attract Women
Looking for fail safe ways to bring you in the center of attention as far as all the ladies are concerned? Give these tips a try to get all the girls batting their eyelashes at you and all the men go green with envy!
• Show her that you are interesting… and interested. This is the million dollar rule to woo a woman in the very first meeting. Whether it is through your sense of humor, confidence or superb listening skills – show a woman that you are the perfect gentleman who is not only fun but also comfortable to be with!

• Get Playful! – Laugh, joke or sing – Do anything fun that will have her captivated by your charisma in no time! If you manage to grab her attention, you are one step closer to win her heart!

• No Girl can resist a Witty Man! – Know any clever tricks? Are your one-liners the talk of the crowd because of their wittiness? Well, don’t hold back and show her what you are capable of! Amaze her, enchant her and she will be all yours!

• Groom It Up! – Just as men (usually) measure up a woman on the basis of what she is wearing, women also search for a hunky heartthrob when they are looking for a perfect man to spend the evening with. Dress trio impress, and carry yourself in a stylish and über chic way to win her attention!

How to Flirt With Women
Aha! Here comes the naughtiest one of them all! How to have some fun flirting with those chicks you saw at a party? Got through the following tips on flirting, that will get the ladies laughing and all wooed over by your charm! And yes, you can flirt without sounding cheesy and going way-too-over-the –top.
Wanna know how? Try these tips; they work on all sorts of women! Guaranteed!
• Don’t try too hard – Casual and Easy Does the Trick! Don’t over think it – the more spontaneous you will be; the more is the lady going to have fun! Talk casually, make her laugh and who knows you might score a date in just your very first meeting!

• Be Perky. Be AWESOME! – Blow her off her feet with your spontaneous, fun and perky attitude? No girl can say no to a guy who is lively, fun and entertaining at the same time!

• Maintain Eye Contact – Wanna make her yours in the very first meeting? Use your smoldering gaze to your advantage! Talk while looking in her eyes – it shows confident, it creates a connection and believe it or not – it’s so romantic!

• Confidence Speaks Volumes! You need to attract her with the way you talk, so make sure that you use quirky sentences and are brimming with confidence! Girls have a thing for confident guys, and this will prove to be your surefire advantage to land a date with her. Stop fidgeting your sweaty palms; she is just a human being like you!

• Don’t Piss Her Off! – Seems like she isn’t interested or not in a mood to talk? Well, don’t make her irritated! Constantly pressuring a lady with flirtatious comments and jokes can make her angry, closing out on any opportunity of her going out with you. And, while we are at it, no sexually offensive comments while flirting please! Most girls hate that.

Online Dating – An Introduction
Have you searched all the local bars, parks and parties for your special someone but still can’t seem to find your dream girl? Online dating is here o the rescue!
Create a riveting profile, and then find a lovely lady who is a complete match for you! Trust me; this is the best way to find a woman who can connect with you on all levels. Find her yourself, or let her find you! It’s fun and romantic at the same time! Give it a try!

Creating an Online Dating Profile
A perky and attractive online dating profile is all that you need to create a lasting impression on all the girls surfing the web. Remember, the way you present and portray yourself through the profile will prove to be critical in attracting the woman of your dreams towards you. The following tips will definitely come in handy;
• Avoid Negative comments. When jotting down an online profile for yourself, show your best side to the world. A negative vibe in your profile will be an instant turnoff for the ladies.

• Stay Real! There’s absolutely no need to brag on your profile that you are drop-dead dashing or the ultimate Casanova. Stay real and show them the real you – Who knows even a simple personality trait of yours melts down her heart in just a minute!

• Behave! Yes, just because you are online does not mean that you add cheesy or sexually offensive comments in your profile. Give your profile a fun and catchy element, but avoid going way too overboard!

Selecting an Online Dating Photo
The most important element in an online dating profile is your profile photo. Your photo will be your first chance to make a good impression on the lady you wanna date, so make sure you choose the best of the bunch. Confused on which photo to put up? Here are some tips:
• Most users scan the photos briefly and click on profiles with attractive pictures! They say that first impression is the last impression. So you need to make it count!
• Don’t add a photo that is too dark or blurred.
• Choose a photo where you look clean, smart and presentable. Look at it from a woman’s perspective. Nobody wants to date a guy with messy hair and unshaved face.
• Don’t give a total face close-up, looks kind of awkward!
• Don’t select a group photo, let yourself be the center of attention!

How to Spot a Fake Online Dating Profile
Skeptical about that drop dead diva with a juicy profile? Think it’s too good to be true? Well maybe it is! Don’t fall in the trap of fake online profiles; go through the following tips to find eligible and genuine matches!
• Is it too picture-perfect? Does the photo on the profile look way too familiar? Most fake profiles have pictures of hot and attractive models on the cover. DON’T fall for them! They are most likely to be fake. You can even check the authenticity of the photo by searching for them on Google Images. If the picture isn’t of a real girl, then you will spot the website from where it is being circulated over the internet.

• Language and Grammar – People creating fake profiles generally write too little, have incomplete profiles and mostly the text is full of spelling and editing mistakes. If you spot a profile saying just “Call me Now” or “Ask Me” with very little information posted, it is most likely not a legitimate person.

• Too Forward – Got a flirtatious and extremely forward message from a gorgeous and attractive babe? Too bad, bro. This is most likely a fake profile attempting to lure you to an external link! Don’t click on links provided on messages by such profiles, they are mostly spam.

• Check Authenticity – Paid services are generally safer than free ones, and often these websites are authenticated and verified. This minimizes the chances of getting a request from a fake profile.

Safety Tips for Online and Traditional Dating
Talking to your eligible match online? Getting ready to go on a blind date? Here are some safety tips that you must have in mind. Take a look:
For Online Dating
• Always choose a reliable website to create your online profile, so that your personal contact information remains under privacy.

• When posting a photo, make sure you add a close up shot which does not identify your relatives, family or the area you live in. You never know who may be viewing your profile with what intentions in their mind.

• Do not put your home phone number, work phone number or important email addresses related to work etc on your profile. This will restrict spammers and the wrong people from contacting you or troubling you.

• Do not use sensitive information like your finances on your first few dates. If your date inquires about your current income and financial backing etc., this may be a warning sign!

• Stay casual and chatty but don’t make it too personal too soon. Make sure you know the person well enough and have met them personally before divulging any important personal information.

• Be wary of people who get too romantic or declare their undying love for you even when they haven’t even met you. They are most likely to be working on a scam.

• Remember, when in doubt, trust your gut. If it sounds too good to be true or something called your ‘inner voice’ is telling you to steer clear of the situation, it is a good idea to disengage gracefully and try your luck elsewhere!
For Traditional Dating
• After online dating, comes the crucial time to meet someone! It is important that you keep your safety in check when meeting someone for the first time. No matter what you may have perceived of them while talking online, they may turn out to be completely different in person.

• Choose a neutral and public place to meet your date for the first time. An ideal place would be a bar or restaurant where you can call on to the surrounding crowd in case of any unfavorable situation.

• Keep your mobile phone fully charged and if possible, ask someone to check on you at the end of the date.

• Don’t invite them over to your place or divulge your personal details until you are ready to trust them.

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