Step 2: Approach Your Lady Love

To woo and make her yours, you need to make the right move at the right time! Are you one of those guys who feel shy when it comes to approaching the lady of your dreams?
Go through the following set of guidelines for surefire ways to get up close and personal with women! And yes, we have also included some helpful tips on what to avoid when you are approaching a lady! Keep reading!

How To and How Not To Approach Women
What You Should Do…
• Let The Eyes Do The Talking! – Exchanging glances with that pretty lady over the counter? Well, if she peeks at you too every now and then, then this means she may be interested in you! Go on, make some small talk and engage in some comfortable conversation to break the ice.

• Location Matters! The place where you approach a lady will be critical in gauging your future relationship with her. Meeting her at a buzzing party or a happening bar will always have its perks, but avoid places like abandoned alleys or dark parking areas.

• Talk with Confidence – Walk and talk with confidence and keep nervousness and stuttering at bay! Remember, first impression is the last impression! The safest conversation starter which you can easily do with confidence is asking to buy her a drink.

• Talk about Something Fun – Instead of raving and raving about some boring and off-topic, make the conversation upbeat and enjoyable for both of you. Share a funny story, discuss any common interests or experiences and start on just anything and everything that keeps her laughing and entertained. The fun element never goes waste!

• Compliment Her – Telling her how gorgeous she looks in that dress or how her smile lights up the whole room will definitely increase your chances of getting together with her. Women love to be complimented, so this one should be the first one on your list!
What You Shouldn’t Do…
• Don’t Try Too Hard – Piling on too much and sounding too eager to hook with them will be an instant turn off for women. Girls are more into guys who look interested yet are not putting in too much effort, so play it cool, fun and easy going!

• Don’t Show her that you have been practicing your Move – This is one of the worst mistakes that a guy can make to turn off a woman. Talk to her casually and easily, and do not go about talking to her mechanically like you memorized the whole thing. Be spontaneous and be you and watch her get blown away by your presence and persona!

• Don’t Push Her If She is Not Interested – Think that she might not be that much into you? Well, let it go like a gentleman. Don’t sound to bullying and pressurizing, and politely move away if she doesn’t seem interested in taking the conversation further! Nobody likes a guy who is refusing to give some space.

How to Approach a Group of Women
You were intimidated by approaching a hot lady standing on her own. Add to it a whole gang surrounding her and you are left fretting – how on earth will you be able to talk to them? And more importantly, on which woman should you try your charm on?
Confused? Go through the following tips on approaching a group of women and become the apple of the eye for all of them! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!
• Be a Player – Approach them with Confidence! Wish to become the center of attention in a group of hot women? Make your move with confidence! Approach them in a way that looks cool, sophisticated and fun but does not look like a desperate attempt to get them talking.
Smile and make eye contact with all of them, an approach them from the front to make an impression! Remember – Nice and casual does the trick!

• Find Something Interesting to Talk About – Instead of talking to a single woman in particular; keep your conversation open to all the girls there! Talk in a fun and enjoyable manner to all of them, befriend them and let them have a good time! Sooner or later, you will get a step closer in making it work with your special someone within the group.

• Get Some Buddies Involved – The charisma of a wingman works wonders when you are befriending women in groups. Your friend(s) can chit chat to the other ladies in the group and keep them entertained, while you try your luck with your special gal!

Best Locations to Find Women
Thinking of the best place to bump into your lady love? Well, it is no wonder that the ‘where’ part of finding single girls almost always baffles men out there. Check out the following hot spots where you are bound to be surrounded by tons of girls. And who knows, one of them may turn out to be the one you have been looking for! Have a look:
• Bars and Pubs: The most obvious of the lot, bars, pubs and discos are the best places to find single and eligible ladies looking for some fun and enjoyment!

• Parks – Nothing can beat the charisma of getting out on a sunny morning and having a tete-a-tete with a fun-loving girl! Go out for a morning jog with your dog in the morning and you are bound to get lucky with another pet-owner out for some morning sunshine!

• At a Friend’s Place – Heading out to friend’s party? Well, don’t forget to put your cologne on – Parties are the best places to find attractive ladies!

• Dance Clubs – Looking for a classier punch when heading out to meet your dream gal? Join a dance class! Trust me; you are sure to find that special connection while waltzing on the salsa with a breathtaking diva!

• Charity Events – Be it voluntary walks, art auctions or the more extravagant wine-tasting events, charity galas are the best way to meet a girl who is mature, fun loving and shares your interests.

• Gym and Sports Clubs – Are you the sporty kind? Well, look no further than your gym or league club to find the lady that you have been looking for. And let’s face it; most girls have a thing for sportsmen. You can’t miss out on your chances here!

• Online – Tired of looking but still can’t hook up with your gal? Well, switch on your laptop and get into the dating world with a buzz! Try out online dating and find a girl who matches your personality on all levels.

How to Start a Conversation without Sounding Cheesy?
Found her? Yes, now it’s time to spill the beans and try out your charm on her. Looking for tips on how to start talking? Here’s some:
• Approach her with a smile. Women tend to hate snobby guys, and fun and friendly is always an approach you can bank upon!

• Talk about something in context at the moment. Don’t rehearse your conversation. Start talking about something random and spontaneous. For example, at a party, you can start like, “Hey, that’s my favorite song. What a man Michael Jackson was!” Or if you are at a park, “Aww I spotted your cute little puppy from a distance. Adorable. What’s his name?”

• Give her your Full attention. When she is talking to you, maintain eye contact and smile and laugh at the right moments. No girl can resist a guy who looks so into her!

How to Get Her Phone Number?
Yeah, you like her. And she’s been giving you looks all night that indicate that the feeling is mutual. So, what’s next? How to get her phone number and take things to the next level? Here are some tips:
• Don’t Sound Desperate: Women are reluctant to pass on their contact to some stalker, so make sure that you do not look too desperate or try too hard through your words or actions. The more comfortable she feels around you, the more likely it is that she will give you a chance to call her!

• Make her Like You: Open up to her and talk to her about something fun and interesting. Make her feel comfortable and open up to you as well, so she enjoys the conversation as much as you do! Then as the moment seems perfect, say something like, “I am having so much fun talking to you but I gotta dash now, can I have your number so we could continue on some other time?”

• Ask her out on a Date: Think that it’s too good to let go of this girl? Well ask her on a date! Tell her you would like to meet her for drinks some day, and could you have her number so you could ask her out. That way, you will have her number AND a chance to meet up with her all in a single meeting!

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