Step 3: Let Cupid’s Arrow Strike!

The first few conversations with a girl are sure to signal the direction in which the relationship is headed. Want to know the secrets of how to woo a girl and make her yours before even going out on a date? Here’s some information that will surely guide you! Keep reading!
How to Tell If She Is Into You
So you think that maybe she likes you but aren’t so sure yet? See if you notice the following signs – they are bound to tell her what’s in her heart!
• Does she smile and look interested when she sees you? – A single smile can work wonders and say a lot without words! Look for her physical gestures – a smile, long eye contact and shy looks definitely mean something!

• Does she look nervous and fidgety and giggles at you a lot? – If she looks as nervous and fidgety as you are, this is definitely a sign that she feels attracted to you as well!

• Did she laugh even when you cracked a boring joke? – Did she laugh even at the lamest jokes you have ever cracked? This just shows how much she is into you and loves your company!
P.S. Don’t overdo the lame jokes, mate. That can drive her off!

• Does she accidently touch you, lean in to you or show that she is comfortable in getting a little intimate with you? – Physical gestures from a woman are almost always a sign that indicate that she is comfortable and willing to hang out with you more often.

• Are you too exchanging long stares? – Gooey long stares? Well, you have seen the movies. They always mean something!

• Are her friends teasing her about you when you are around? – If she has a thing for you, it is most likely that she may have told her friends about you. You can be assured of something positive here!

• Did she seem interested in meeting and talking to you again? – Asked her for a date and she agreed? Well, that’s it! You two lovebirds are all set to enjoy each other’s company now!
Well, if she sure is giving the hint that she is interested in going out with you, make a move, give her a positive response and ask her to hang out with you NOW! And of the two of you enjoy each other’s company, then voila! You are all set to explore the relationship further!
Importance of the Initial Email That Gets Responses and Ones That Does Not
The first email or message that you send to a girl is of critical importance. You need to stand out amongst the rest and get to her with an impression that she cannot ignore. Remember that women tend to get a LOT of emails everyday from potential ‘matches’ when they have created an online dating profile.
So how on earth can you stand out from the rest and show her that you are the real deal? Here are some pointers o keep in mind when you are writing he first email. If you word it right and sound catchy and engaging, you are bound to get a response!
• Build up your Profile First. Before you even start searching for a match let lone get to emailing, make sure your profile is completely done and is intriguing and catchy for a woman. If your picture and profile are worth grabbing attention, she sure will open your email as well!

• Choose a Subject that is an Attention Grabber on its own. A riveting and interesting subject line will literally shout “Open Me” at her! Some interesting subject lines can be “Hey, wanna know a Secret?”, “Don’t Open this Email”, “Did You Know this Fun Fact?”, “This Email is only meant for a pretty girl like you!” etc.
Bottom line? Make it APPEALING, Make it FUNNY and make it worthy of GETTING A RESPONSE. If you nail that, bingo, you are sure to get a line back!

• Choose the Content Wisely. When you are sending the first email over to a girl, you need to come across as witty, fun and DIFFERENT from the other hundred emails that are pelting her inbox. Don’t bore her with ongoing stories about yourself, don’t fill it in with run-on-the-mill compliments that make no sense and definitely don’t come across as an immature person just looking to sleep around. Looking for some examples? Here are few you should look at:
Examples of First Emails that DO NOT Get Responses
“Hey ya gurl, how ya doin’? Listen, your profile totally caught my eye and I was hopin’ we get together and get the party rollin’! So wat ya say? Wanna hookup?”
What’s wrong with this Email?
• Too flashy, sounds immature, and gives the impression that the guy is just looking for a chance to laid.
• There isn’t any highlight that will get the girl thinking to respond back. She will ignore and delete it and move on to the next mail.
“Hi, my name is Bryan and I live in New Jersey. Professionally, I am a baker and I love to hang out in my farm in off days. I enjoy spending time with my family on holidays, and to sum it all up I am a pretty laid back kind of guy. I do not have any specific tastes when it comes to music, just love to listen to anything romantic and sweet. I am a total sucker for novels by Paul Coelho and sometimes spend hours doing so. I hope that we can get together sometime and talk about things. See you!”
What’s wrong with this Email?
• Boring.
• The guy rambles on and on about his own interests and depicts them in a light that clearly shows disinterest.
• There is no highlighting or creative factor that can engage and interest the girl. So, no, the girl wont reply to this and skim off through it, perhaps even before reading it till the end.
Examples of First Emails that DO get Responses
“Hey, I won’t lie, I stopped by your profile because I was totally attracted by your gorgeous smile (Did anybody tell you it could light up a whole room?) But the more I read about you, the more I knew – hey, this is the girl I have been waiting for my whole life! You and I both love salsa, baseball and Barney Stinson, and yes, I have a cute white kitten too that you would love to cuddle with! So, what you say, should we chat on IM sometime and get to know what else do we have in common? Tell me when you are free! Take Care!
What’s good about this Email?
• The guy sounds fun, interested yet it does not like a desperate attempt.
• Emphasis is on the interests that the girl has posted on her profile, giving a more personal appeal to the message.
• Signs off well, leaving the girl interested in knowing more.

How to Transition from Email to Phone and then to a Live-in-Person Date
They say that slow and steady wins the race? But does the formula apply to dating as well? Here are some secrets that you should definitely check out!
• Email for a few Days – E-mails are the best way to break the ice and talk to someone in a comfortable and relaxed way, especially if you feel tongue tied when you are conversing face to face! What’s more, it also gives you time to think through the conversation and move cautiously ahead!

• Text It Up First – Think that it’s taking too long to correspond through mails and you would really like to cut down on the wait? Chat up on messenger, IM or text her! Ask her for her number and then send random text messages every now and then to show that you have been thinking of her! But don’t bombard her with messages – that is a complete no-no with girls.

• Call When You both are Comfortable – Politely suggest that you would like to call her and chat up when you both seem to be comfortable with the situation. Ask her that you would like to give her a call when she is not busy. This way you will send a message that you are interested yet not too pushy.
When talking on phone, bringing up something that you talked about online can really spark up the conversation and make her feel special!

• Jog down the Memory Lane! – Before you go out on a date with this girl, skim through all your conversations on email and texts and get a fresh-up perspective on her likes and interests. This way you won’t be out of topics when you go out with her.
Also, recall if she mentioned something that she loves and absolutely adores. For example, did she say she likes flowers? Surprise her with a bouquet of orchids. That will surely blow her off her feet!

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