Step 4: When Dating, First Impression is the Last Impression!

Asking the girl out on the first date may sound to be an impossible feat, what with all the nervousness surrounding you. But you can always make a lasting impression on the very first date, assuring the girl that she made the right choice in going out with you! Wanna know how? Go through the following tips!
How to ask a girl out on a date?
Can’t think of the right words that will make her go out with you? The following ideas will surely help you! Check them out!
• Don’t Ask her, Invite her! – Instead of making it all too formal and asking her, “Would you like to go out on a date?”; keep it simple and casual to release the tension. Ask her if she would like to meet up for coffee or attend that famous art exhibition together. Remember, nice and easy does the trick!

• Avoid Making a Big Deal Out of it – Making it too fancy or an all-too-extravagant affair puts a lot of pressure on the woman just on the very first date. Try something simple and fun which you both can enjoy without any extra stress!

• Pop the Question at the Highest Point of the Conversation – Instead of waiting throughout the conversation for the ‘right’ moment to ask her out, make the invitation spontaneous and sudden! For example, the moment you too are laughing hard on a joke, tell her, “Listen, I am having way too much fun with you. How about we meet again and continue this discussion on Friday? 8 pm, my treat. What you say?” She will have a hard time turning you down!

• Make it Specific! – When asking out on a date, make sure you tell her the exact timing and location. Making a vague assumption that we will meet sometime will leave her hanging thinking whether or not you are serious about the whole deal or not.

• Compliment and Favor – Can’t find the guts to ask her out and find yourself out of topics to talk? Randomly compliment her looks and tell her something like this, “You look really beautiful in this dress. I can’t keep my eyes off you. Is it possible that you give me some of your time on Saturday? I would love to know more about you and tell you something about me!”

• Bump into them! – Didn’t get a chance to ask her out still? Know that she is going to shopping with her friends this weekend? Well, take a chance and bump into her innocently. Tell her you are absolutely thrilled to see her and would she like to share a cup of coffee today. Believe it or not, this romantic gesture works every time!

First date ideas
They say that it is the first date when a woman knows she has found her perfect match. Looking for ideas to blow her away on the very first date? Here are some she is going to love:
• Coffee – Simple and sweet, nothing can go wrong on a mushy evening out for coffee. Romantic and fun and very, very warm, make her yours on a lovely coffee date!

• Eat Out – Know an exquisite restaurant in town where she would love sampling exotic delights? Take her there and let her relish the royal experience!

• Theater – Think movies are way too boring? Multiply the fun with a date at a theater! You both are going to love bonding over the sweet and salty performances!

• Boating – Think your date would love something beautiful, serene and close to nature? Take her out boating and enjoy the peace with ease! You can add a touch of spice and fun to the whole affair by fishing as well and then taking the catch home to cook! A guy who is mature, fun and knows how to cook? What more can a girl want!

• Concert – So you two are both radioheads? Surprise her with the tickets for that sold out concert she was dying to go to. She will totally love the surprise and be blown off her feet in a minute!

• Bowling – Wanna try something fun and casual? Try out bowling! Not only is it fun, but you will have a great time talking and bonding with all the adrenaline rush!

How to get ready for a date mentally and aesthetically
Getting ready for your first date can surely make you feel nervous. Here are some tips to act and stay positive!
• Choose a Public Place – This way you won’t run out of topics and be comfortable about the whole thing. If you are already getting the jitters, take her to a place that you know well, for example a restaurant you regularly go to. You will have a fun and easy time going through the menu and suggesting her the ‘specials’!

• Pay Attention to Your Looks – Turning up to a date looking all sweaty and disheveled is an instant turn off. Prepare for the date in advance, and choose your clothing and hairstyles etc with care so that she sees that you have made an effort especially for her!

• Look and Feel Comfortable – No need to get nervous and act shy. Be comfortable, be you and talk to her with confidence!

• Get Advice – Confused whether this jacket would go with that shirt? Ask a friend or sibling for some honest advice and tips!

• Don’t Over Do it and Relax – The golden rule of them all, the more relaxed and comfortable you feel before the date, the more are the chances that you are going to nail it! Stay positive, stay relaxed and wait and see how things work out. If this is how it’s meant to be, surely, things will turn out to be okay!

First date dos and don’ts
Wanna make a lasting impression on your first night out? Make sure you keep the following essential dos and don’ts in mind!
• Your Homework and go through emails and previous conversations to get a heads up on her interests!
• Make Eye Contact.
• Pay Attention to what she is saying.
• Dress Appropriately!
• Ask for your Next Date if all goes well!
• Be Late to the date – girls hate that.
• Be Overly Serious or Funny, as both these extremes can ward off a girl.
• Talk about previous relationships – Its uncomfortable.
• Drink too much.
• Keep Talking about Yourself – She is likely to get bored of it all!

Icebreakers to start conversation
So you have arrived, said hi and asked how you are doing etc. What next? You both are sitting nervous looking here and there, thinking of how to take the conversation further. Don’t worry; it is perfectly natural to feel awkward when you are starting talking face to face for the first time.
Go through the following top rated ice breakers to a conversation that have been tried and tested by men all over the world! And yes, once you start and you both click on to a topic, you would have a hard time slowing down! Check these out:
• Comment on what’s Around You – This can be anything and everything – the music playing around you, the food being served, the actors performing on screen etc etc.

• Compliment and Make her Smile! – Start your conversation with a compliment. For example, “Oh my God, you are so much more beautiful in person than what I had imagined. I am honestly enchanted by your beauty!” Women love to be flattered and complimented and will really love your company if you woo her and make her feel special!

• Ask About their Day, Weekend or Any Activities Planned – Ask her about their daily life, any work activities or how she plans to spend her free time or the weekend ahead. Tell her your plans and see if she is interested in your life!

• Recall and relate – Pick up something random from your previous conversations on emails or texts. She will love that you remembered!
The right questions to ask on a date
Asking the right questions on a date are of critical importance as you can judge their personality and enjoy their company that way. Furthermore, you have to respect her at all times and asking all the wrong questions will not only portray you as rude, but also reduce the chances of she going out with you again.
Wanna know what are the best questions to ask on a date? Here are some you can rely upon!
• Do You Enjoy your Work? – This way you can start on a conversation and get to know her routine, her future plans, her goals in life etc.

• What do you like Doing on Your Weekends? – This will give you a glimpse on her activities and interests and you can decide how much do you connect with her as far as having fun is concerned!

• Are You Close with your Family? – Shows the level of attachment she has with her near and dear ones and lets you both recall and enjoy childhood stories as well! An excellent way to continue on the conversation!

• What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Ask her story and then supply your own – time will fly as you joke and have fun!

• How do you define an ideal relationship? What Qualities are you looking for in a Man? – See if you check all the boxes in her ‘perfect man’ list!

Questions to avoid asking on the first date
Wish to know the list of topics that are bound to turn her off? Here are some of the questions that you should never ask on a first date if you are looking for something long term with this girl.
• About Ex Partners and Relationships – These will make her feel uncomfortable and should not be asked, especially in the first few dates.

• Religion and Politics – Sensitive issues like religion and politics may give rise to arguments, a total no-no for your first date!

• Money and Finances – Asking how much she earns and her finances will automatically classify you as a gold digger in her book. Neither ask nor tell should be your approach in the first date.

• College and Studies Related – Remember that you are on a date and not on an interview. Don’t make her uncomfortable and bored with questions about her grades, school and academics.

• Don’t Get too Personal – Her family issues? Her first intimate experience? Way too personal topics. Shouldn’t be touched on the very first date!

How to Read Body Language on Your Date
Even when she is too shy or uncomfortable in saying something aloud, her body language will give you an instant glimpse into what she is thinking. Look out for the following signs on a first date and learn what each of these gestures mean. Take a look:
• Yawning – She is obviously bored.

• Playing with her hair, napkin or the spoon – You are talking too much and not listening to her, she seems disinterested.

• Crossed arms – She doesn’t trust you and is judging whether or not it was the right call to come out with you!

• Leaning into You – She is comfortable and enjoying your company.

• Eye Contact – She is interested in what you are saying.

• Sitting upright, Smiling, casual touching – She is having a good time – Pat yourself on the back, you are on the right track!

Topics of conversation for the first, second, and third dates
Running out of topics to talk about with your special sweetheart? Explore the following options and you will have a hard time finding a spare moment! Check them out and start talking now!
• Family – From get-togethers to childhood stories, there is a lot that you can talk about in this one!

• Work – Her finicky boss stressing her out? Share some tips on how you handled a similar situation at work! Also, you can always discuss your future plans, your aspirations and goals together.

• Hobbies – Does she enjoy gardening when she is free? Do you like collecting vintage CDs? Talk about your hobbies and share the experiences and you will be hooked for hours!

• Interests – Nothing can be better than sharing similar interests with your girlfriend. Hit the gym together, or go on a road trip, it’s your call!

• Likes and Dislikes – Anything that’s on the list for both of you, your favorite movie, and the actress she hates – the conversations will be endless!

• Funny Stories – Have fun and keep laughing with funny stories and hilarious pranks!

• Current Events – Anything going on in your city, on TV or any new movie that just came out. Discuss, drool and enjoy together!

• Future Plans – Ideal Vacation? Dream job? Let your imagination run wild and bring all those fascinations to life together!

Tips to avoid dating a gold digger
A gold digger is typically the last person that you would want to date. Though it is natural to feel concerned about a person’s background when you start dating them, if it is the only thing that they talk about all day, then you sure as hell should be concerned about the whole thing!
A gold digger is typically after your money, and no, you don’t have to be filthy rich to fall in the trap. A lot of people can manipulate you into getting a relationship, and then use you to get through their financial problems and enjoy the riches.
Here are some signs of a typical gold digger – if you notice any of these in your new girl friend, it is a smart decision to run in the opposite direction!
• Did she ask how much money You Make, or inquire about the worth of your House and your Car etc?
• Does She Suggest that you give her Expensive gifts and take her to exquisite restaurants?
• Does She Talk a Lot about any Financial Problem of Hers?
• Does She Show You Gratitude and Generosity or takes everything for granted?
• Does She Show a Strong Sense of Entitlement and expect that you will always shower her with money?
If any of the following signs occur repeatedly, it is time to move on. Or, you can have an honest discussion with her as well to clarify things further.

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