Step 5: Keeping the Romance Alive!

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship is the main thing that lets you cherish the bond for years! Wanna know how to make your dating life exciting and fun for both the partners? Check the following tips out!
Texting vs. phone calls with dating
A lot of guys are at a standstill when it comes to staying connected with their special lady – should you text or call her several times a day? If not, how much is considered to be just enough and wont creep her out?
Why Should You Call Instead of Text
• You can express your Feelings and Tone More.
• It Brings a more personal and Warm Feel.
• However, keep the calls short and don’t expect hours of chatting especially when she is working.
When are Texts Good
• They are quick and fast.
• You can Show her she is on your mind without being pushy.
• You can Flirt and Say a lot that you can’t say to her face.
Final Verdict?
All in all, both texts and calls are great ways to shower her with attention and care and make her feel secure and special with you. However, don’t overdo any of these – let her have her space and privacy and encourage her in enjoying some free time alone or with her girlfriends! Trust and honesty work wonders in making a relationship sing!

Importance of your first kiss
The first kiss is actually the indication that your informal date is finally heading towards a strong relationship. Timing the first kiss is important – as she is going to remember this moment for years to come!
• It Seals the Feelings and brings a feeling of mutual trust and strength into your relationship.
• It Tells You Where the Relationship is headed and you both get an idea whether or not you want to be together for long.
• It leaves you wanting for more, and yeah, this attraction is the soul of a budding relationship! The more you two want each other, the more stable your relationship is going to be!
Why didn’t you get a second date?
You think it went great and still she did not agree on a second date? Recall whether or not the following things happened:
• You Were Rude or Didn’t Arrive in time.
• You badmouthed your Ex and made her feel uncomfortable.
• You were on the Phone or Texting all the time and she felt ignored.
• You were intimidating and talked on and on about yourself without giving her a chance to express her thoughts.
• There was no Chemistry between you two – you were different and it just wasn’t meant to be.
• Lack of Fun and Humor is also an important element, if she got bored in your company the first time why would she agree going out again?
Don’t stress out if things didn’t work out the way you had planned. Learn from your mistakes and start fresh again! You never know, maybe you haven’t met your Mrs. Right up till now!

When to end a date early
Feeling uncomfortable with her and think that you too share nothing in common? Getting the vibe that it is not safe for you to continue on with this girl? Well, hard as it may be, it’s time to end your date early. Want to know when to do it and how should you go without hurting her feelings? Here are some tips:
• Don’t sign off abruptly, instead give her some space and say that something important came up.
• Tell her that you had a great time together, but maybe you both should call it off early and get back together when it is the right time.

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