Step 6: Getting Started on a Serious Relationship

Starting to feel that it is more than just a fling and you are getting serious about her? Here’s how you can make her feel the same way without scaring her off.

Keeping it Slow
Maybe she is not ready for commitment right now? Keep it slow and comfortable for her and progress on to more serious things when you both are ready for the change.

Give her Space
Don’t keep hogging her all the time, telling her how much you love her and can’t live without her. Unnecessary pressurizing may seem to be too much for her and she can feel irritated.

Keeping Your Girlfriend Interested In You
Looking for tips and tricks to keep her interested in you? It’s simple and just requires a little attention from your side!
• Give her time and attention and plan out things regularly with her.
• Stay Fun and Stay Unique, and don’t try becoming someone that you are not.
• Surprise her every now and then and watch her face get alight with happiness!
• Value her Interests and Hobbies and never make her feel inferior or left out.

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