Step 7: Is Your Relationship Turning Rocky?

Starting to think that your perfect romance isn’t actually what you thought it would be? Watch out for the following signs to know in advance that maybe you are not headed in the right direction…
Signs She May Not Be the Right One
It’s possible that the girl you have fallen in love with may not be the right one for you. You will know if you notice the following signs:
• You can’t be yourself around her and feel uncomfortable in talking easily.
• You don’t have anything in Common and Cant Make it Work.
• She criticizes or bad Mouths you in Public.
• You can’t trust her with your issue and problems.
• She is Over-possessive and makes you feel suffocated.
• She Seems Embarrassed about You and doesn’t introduce you to her friends and family.
• You are Frustrated and Annoyed of the Relationship.
Feel the same way? It is best that you two have a talk and move away from each other.

Mistakes Men Make With Women
It is not always the woman’s fault when you fail to make a relationship work. If you make the following mistakes, you surely bring about deep cracks in your relationship. Following are some of the main mistakes that men make which results in broken relationships and hearts. Take a look:
• They look for Approval and Are Unsure about themselves.
• They Act too Cheap and immature.
• They just talk and Don’t Listen to what the lady is saying.
• They are too nice and looking for approval, making the woman think that they are too weak to take a stand.
• They refuse to accept their Mistakes and stay stubborn, ultimately bringing an end to what had previously been a beautiful bond.

Why Some Women Just Want To Be “Friends” And Nothing More
Aah, here’s the saddest one of them all. You really feel a connection with this woman and one day she lands a bomb that she just wants to stay friends. What went wrong? Why is she letting you go? The following may be possible reasons:
• You are too Sweet and nice – Women actually need a real MAN as a boyfriend who can say his own and take care of her instead of being the other way round!

• You Show too Much Attention – A lot of wooing and attention will make her feel suffocated.

• You are taking things too fast – She may not be ready for so much at the moment.

Noticing the First Signs of a Rocky Relationship
Think that too many bumps are appearing in your former fairytale romance? Here are signs that show that maybe you both need a break from your relationship:
• You both are Losing Respect for Each other.
• You start Feeling Bored in their Company.
• You notice a Lack of the former Sizzle in the relationship.
• You don’t have any topics to talk about.
• You look for reasons to Stay Apart and avoid each other.

How to Rekindle the Romance
Ignoring her, not giving her time or restricting her privacy are some of the main factors that can make a woman drift away from you. Check out the following tips to get the romance alive in your relationship!

• Relive Your Previous Dates – Nothing can be more romantic and surprising for her. Woo her and show her that you still feel the same way about her as you did when you first met!

• Surprise her with Something Special – It can be anything that she loves – an evening at her favorite restaurant, a dress from her favorite designer or some homemade brownies.

• Show her that you Care – Care and attention does not always need a present or a date. Telling her that you love her and sending her a romantic text every now and then will make her feel special instantly!

Signs your girlfriend may be cheating on you
Think that your girlfriend is not as loving and attentive as she used to be a while back? Chances are that she may be involved with someone else. Here are some signs that you should watch out for:
• She Seems bored and uninterested in you.
• She stays out Late and Can’t tell a particular reason.
• She is Constantly texting or Calling.
• She Fights and Stays Frustrated.
Noticing any of these signs? Well, it is high time that you have the talk with her and sort out the differences. Remember, it is not always her fault that she resorted to cheating on you. You may have been at fault as well.

Dating Tips after Divorce
Faced a heartbreaking divorce and are scared to get on the dating bandwagon again? Try out these following tips to polish your skills and start dating again like a pro!
• Keep your bitter experiences aside and start fresh with a new zeal!
• Don’t overburden your new girlfriend with tales from the past that present you as being insecure – no girl wants to date a walking and talking mope!
• If you know what made your previous relationship fail, don’t make the same mistakes again.
• Treat your date with love and respect and she will surely respond positively!
• When talking to her, stay fun, crack some jokes and make her enjoy your company.
• Stay positive and relaxed – Even if one of your relationships failed, you surely can get back with life and find your special someone again! It’s just about looking for her at the right places and talking to her with the right approach!

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