Stood Up – Blind Fury

A friend of mine set me up on a blind date, bless her. She knew I was reluctant, and that I never make any effort when it comes to men, but that underneath it all I’d really like to meet someone. She was the total go-between; arranged the times and the meeting place, everything. All I had to do was turn up with a smile and an open mind.

I wasn’t nervous at all, at my age there is little that tends to jar me. I’m a successful career woman with my own house, car and team of employees. If anything, this would be similar to giving an interview. Well, this was what I was telling myself on the way to the bar.

When I arrived I got myself a drink and sat down. I didn’t know what this guy looked like exactly, but I knew that he would be wearing a hat, and an orange scarf. Part of me was glad that I had arrived early, I don’t go in for all of that ‘fashionably late’ malarky. I believe in being on time. It’s common courtesy. I realised about twenty minutes later that this was not an ideal that me and this blind date shared.

Twenty minutes sitting alone with a glass of wine does funny things to a woman’s head though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to sitting alone in a bar with a glass of wine and a book, or better,
my laptop, but not alone with the wine and only the thoughts inside my head.

I looked up and a man with a hat on his head walked in. No orange scarf. He didn’t seem to look around, just walked straight in to the bar, and then headed in the direction of the men’s. It couldn’t have been him. What if it was him? What if he had spotted me before I had spotted him and taken a detour because he didn’t like the look of me? I’m not an unattractive older woman, but I’m not exactly young and perky either.

The man came and left, and I sat for another twenty minutes thinking that I had been stood up, but not wanting to leave until I had slowly finished my glass of wine, so that it looked like I had intended to have a drink by myself.

After about forty-five minutes had gone by I got a phone call from my friend. She was really upset with me and was going on about how the guy was angry at her because I had stood him up! I asked her what on earth she was talking about and she said he had been waiting in the bar for over half an hour for me and I hadn’t turned up… it turned out that we had both gone to completely different bars with a similar name!

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