Table Manners

Have you ever sat next to somebody who chews with their mouth open? Who eats like a caveman, all hunched over the table? It is pretty disgusting, isn’t it?
Now, I am not saying that you eat that way – there ARE a surprisingly increasing number of people who are lapsing into horrific numbers, of course, but I am sure you are not one of them. There is a little known fact, though, that you must know in order to fully impress your date.
You must eat nice to seem nice.
Yes, I did just say that, and yes, I do mean that. Do you want your date to think that you are the best of the best? I am speaking to both guys and gals right now. If your answer to my question was yes, then you must have good table manners. Do you know which fork is your salad fork, and which is your dinner fork? (Hint: your salad fork is the smaller than your dinner fork.) Yes, I know, you might not be going out to fancy restaurants every night, but most mainstream restaurants to give you two forks rolled up in a napkin, along with your steak knife.
Do you remember your grandma always telling you to never put your elbows on the table? Well, guess what. . .grandma was right! And, it is a very easy habit to let slip. So keep those elbows down!
Do you remember that you should never hold the bowl of a glass of white wine, since it is supposed to be chilled? What about the fact that you CAN hold the bowl of a glass of red wine?
Do you ALWAYS put very small bites of food in your mouth so that you can easily swallow and you never have to talk with your mouth full? Believe you me, talking with your mouth full is one of the worst things a normal person (with normal table manners) can do at the table! And, don’t go kidding with me – we have all talked with our mouth full at one time or the other!
So, pay attention to those table manners!

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