Take a Shower!

Does that sound like the most obvious thing in the world? Are you shaking your head right now, thinking, “of course I will have taken shower! I do that every morning!”? Now, don’t get fed up with me right now, please. I am not trying to remind you to take a shower every morning. I am pretty sure that you already do that. No, what I want you to do is be clean and smell good before your date!
Now, maybe you have been dating for a little while already, and you are going to go hiking together this weekend as a “date.” I don’t mean that you can’t get down and dirty together if you want to. No, what I mean is if it is a first date, or if you are going to a restaurant, or when you meet up to go hiking, you need to be clean and smell good! It doesn’t matter if you are going to go swimming together, or go out on the lake. Please have deodorant on! Smell clean – be clean! Please have clean hair, and clean skin, and clean clothes! Even if you are hiking, please start out with clean clothes. Even if you are hiking, please start out with a bit of perfume or cologne.
To qualify
I do want to qualify what I just said. Please do dress appropriately for what ever you might be doing. Ladies, I am not saying that you need to style your hair before you go hiking, or that you need to put mascara on before you go swimming. Please just use your own common sense. Try to always be clean and look nice – at least at the start of the day.
Also, if you or your date are sensitive to scents, then please don’t use perfume or cologne. Just use an essential oil to make you smell good. Bring a little bit of deodorant with you in your purse or your car if you think you are going to get warm and perspire – please make sure that you don’t smell bad! This is such a turnoff for both men and women.
Please, if you are using perfume or cologne, do not drench yourself! If you are overpoweringly scented, it can be as bad as if you smell bad. Instead, you want a light scent that is reminiscent of the perfume or cologne you put on. A good test is to put on enough so that it smells good to you. If you think that you smell too strong, anyone hugging you or kissing you will think the same thing!

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