That Awkward Moment: Getting Past Them on a First Date

Getting ready for a first date can try anyone’s nerves and patience. You want to have everything perfect, including what you wear, how you look, and how you smell. Women could spend hours getting ready for a first date and guys can spend almost as much time.

You drive to the meeting place, whether it’s a bowling alley, hiking trails, a restaurant, a movie, or whatever, and keep catching glances in the mirror trying to make sure that everything is perfect, worrying that you forgot something or overlooked something, and trying to settle your nerves.

Then you are in the middle of the date and things seem to be going smoothly and then something happens. An awkward moment. There are plenty of awkward and embarrassing moments that have happened over the years. At the time we don’t see them coming and they are almost unavoidable.

An awkward moment could be a cell phone ringing to let you know that your kid is sick, or a belch that you didn’t feel coming up, or worse, a little gas escaping at the most inopportune time, or spilling a drink on your date, or having an allergic reaction to a meal because it contained peanuts and you didn’t realize it. Awkward moments surround us every day but when they happen on the first date, it can feel as though they are mortifying.

So how can we move beyond those awkward moments when they arise on a first date? Depending on what the awkward moment is, humor or at least a nonchalant attitude is the best remedy for any of them. If your date “cut one” while bending over to pick up the fork you dropped, smile and laugh and let them know it’s no big deal, or turn away and pretend that you didn’t even hear it. If your date reached over and spilled the red wine all over your white dress, does that destroy the relationship? If so, then you get mad, get up, and walk away right then and there.

However, if you like this person and are interested in him, no matter how expensive that dress was, it’s still only a dress. Dab it up, try to clean it, and make some kind of joke about the incident.

Yes, it can be difficult to smooth over an awkward moment on a first date, but if up until that time the date was going well, making a big deal about it can destroy a budding relationship before it even gets a chance to get going.

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