The First Date Kiss

Okay, ladies, you’ve got a new first date to plan for. What if there are sparks? What if you find yourself laughing incessantly, smiling every second, and in total bliss? What happens next?
As much as we want to end a perfect date on an ever more perfect note, there’s something to consider with that first date kiss.
Should you even consider it? What happens after the first date’s first kiss? Will it be as memorable than if you waited for another time?
Let’s explore this a little bit.
When you’re going on a first date, you don’t know what to expect. When you meet a guy online and you feel as though you’re clicking and he might really be a good one, someone you’d like to get to know more on a personal level, you’ll likely have all sorts of questions and fantasies about how that first date will actually go.
However, if you’ve been on at least a few first dates, then you’re well aware that they rarely go as well as they do in our best imaginings. That doesn’t mean they’ll go bad. Not by any stretch. However, much of the time when things don’t go as well as we hope, or the sparks aren’t as bright, it’s not because the date fell short but because the expectations were too high and no date wasn’t really going to match that.
Unless your date is a high powered millionaire, you’re probably not going to be flown by private jet to another city for the perfect date.
Don’t Establish Expectations
You already know something about this guy you’re going on a first date with, at least to some degree. You have an idea, at least, about where you’re going to eat dinner (if that’s the date) or where you’re going if it’s something different than dinner.
Beyond what you know, don’t establish expectations. Keep it simple and enjoy the ride. Unless the guy turns out to be a complete jerk and not like anything he pretended to be online (or wherever you met him), then the date will at least be tolerable.
Now, as for the first kiss, don’t think about it for a first date. Not only can a first date first kiss cloud judgment about how the date was, you could be too nervous and will likely have questions racing through your head like, ‘Does he like me?’ ‘Is he for real?’ Or anything like that.
By avoiding the first date first kiss, you leave something to look forward on that second date.

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