The First Weekend Away Together

The First Weekend Away Together

Going away together on a trip is a fun right of passage for all new relationships. It holds great promise for the future if that first weekend get-away goes smoothly, you have fun, and learn you can spend 24/7 with this person and still want to be with them.

There are some things to consider before you take your first trip together, though. To make things smoother, and to ensure a good time is had by all, a little planning and patience are in order.

I highly recommend that the first weekend away from home turf together be just about the two of you. Don’t go away together for the first time to her sister’s wedding or his high school reunion. I also think you should make it driving distance away. Flying these days is stressful enough already, and the airport is where you will encounter the worst of human behavior, so spare yourself and make plans to drive somewhere a couple of hours away.

Planning is everything. What is the budget for this weekend? If one of you makes six figures and the other one doesn’t, what type of weekend will satisfy you both? I don’t recommend busting your budget for luxury accommodations, expensive dinners out and pricey excursions on the first trip together. If you’re spending more on the hotel, then research where you can buy a few groceries and plan on packing a lunch one day and having in-room picnic (this can very romantic) to save a little cash. Instead of dropping a bundle on playing 18 holes together, why not just go to the driving range for an hour instead?

The one who makes more money might offer to pick up most of the tab. If the other party is okay with that, then accept the generous offer and have fun. I would advise that, just from personal experience, you don’t do that, though. At least not on the first get-away. Plan a trip that you can both equally chip in for. It sets a good precedent and ensures the balance of power stays in place so that one party (the one who isn’t paying for as much) doesn’t feel compelled to let the other dictate all their activities. This could lead to resentment and, frankly, end the relationship.

So after the budget has been decided, now it’s time to practice a little patience. You are going to be spending some extended time with someone and that means, getting pulled deeper into their life.

Other little things might come up in an extended weekend together that you might not have considered or even realize they could become an issue. Does he need every meal to last two hours? I’ve heard couples come back from a weekend together ready to call it quits because he threw his clothes everywhere around the hotel room and she took 40 minute showers everyday.

These are the kinds of things that might come up on a weekend get-away and you’ll need to be patient with each other and do a lot of talking before you hit the road. More often than not, you ‘ll have a great time and return even closer and more committed.

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