The Great Escape

I was taking this really hot chick out for dinner. Her name was Elaine and I had met her through a work colleague. I was really looking forward to the date because I knew that she fancied me. I picked a really expensive restaurant because I wanted to impress her, and she was impressed!

I played the whole date out impeccably. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing, she was amazing. Then the bill came and I couldn’t find my wallet. I swear to God, I couldn’t find it anywhere. When Elaine asked me what was wrong I had to tell her, I was so embarrassed. I had to ask her if she would pay for the meal, and it was really expensive!

She was really sweet though and told me not to worry about it. I was practically sweating. She told me to order us some coffees while she went to the ladies to freshen up. The girl didn’t come back! I was waiting with two coffees in front of me for about twenty minutes and I knew she had bailed. The waiter was keeping a real close eye on me too so it wasn’t like I could leave without paying.

In the end I just had to explain to them what had happened. Luckily they were sympathetic, especially when I told them that my date had left and landed me in it. They just took all my details, including my passport which I had on me for some reason, and I had to go back the next day to pay the bill. I never saw Elaine again.

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