The Sweet Guy

Some people think I’m too nice, they could be right. I met a nice girl called Jenny who had just got a new job as a Bar Tender and was dead excited. She told me to drop by for a drink, it wasn’t exactly an official date but to me it felt as good as. So I dropped by the bar on a quiet evening mid-week so that she wouldn’t be too busy and we could spend some time together.

When I arrived she seemed really flustered. I thought she was nervous because she found me attractive, which I found really endearing. Then she told me that her manager was in the bar and that he could get a bit funny if he saw she wasn’t working. So I told her not to worry about me, and that I was cool to just sit for a bit and enjoy the surroundings.

I ordered a coffee and was chatting to her while she made it. I noticed her get a lot more clumsy when her manager came out to serve someone else at the bar. She made the coffee and then disappeared quickly to clear tables.

The coffee was absolutely disgusting because she had put salt in the cup instead of sugar, but I didn’t want to get her in to any trouble, so I had to kind of drink it. I didn’t go to the bar again when she was working, but I took her to many other bars when she wasn’t and she was much more relaxed.

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