Things Not To Talk About On the First Date

Going on a first date can already be nerve-wracking but certain things you do can make it worse. Yes, the expression, “first impression can be a lasting impression” can ring very true on a first date. Talking to a person is a great way to get a feel of person; so you need to take some precautions when it comes to certain conversations and topics. The first date should be casual and fun. You can save your debate team skills for a later date when you both have gotten to know each other better.
The main thing you should never bring up on the first date is your ex or ex’es. No one on a new date wants to hear about a previous relationship. Even if they ask you why the last relationship didn’t work, give a sufficient short answer like, “we both wanted different things in life.” If you bring up your ex, your date may think you are comparing him or even worse, that you aren’t over your ex.
Don’t bring up marriage or kids on the first date. Remember, this is the first time you’re meeting him and bringing up marriage and kids is a heavy topic. To be frank, you might scare him off. Just like you wouldn’t share your deepest secrets on the first date, this topic is something you will need to ease into.
Religion and politics are another touchy topic, especially if you both don’t agree with the same things. I’ve seen huge blown out arguments over religion and politics can be even worse. Unless it’s a true deal breaker for you; save the religious and political talk for later.
Talking about financial issues is a red alert for your date. It’ll make him think you are looking for a free ride (seriously!) or he will worry about how you will bring into debt. I’m not saying to never bring up your financial issues but talking about them on the first date is tacky and not attractive.
When it comes to a first date, it’s about making the other person feel comfortable. If you want to talk about something that may seem too heavy for a first date, think about how you would feel if your date brought up the topic instead. If it makes you squirm, it’s best to skip it for another date.

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