To Kiss Or Not Kiss? (on the first date)

Surprisingly enough, the majority of first date kissers were women. It flies in the face of convention that men are sexually more aggressive, adventurous or open. What I found the most interesting was, of the women who said they would and have kissed someone on the first date, it was because they weren’t really interested in seeing the person again. Ponder that.

By far, most of the singles I polled about kissing on the first date were against it. Men as equally opposed to it as women. While they did not necessarily frown on it, they felt like it was generally not a good way to start a possible relationship. It came down to their attitude towards the opposite sex and the reasons they were dating.

From the fellas I got a sense of them not wanting to make a woman feel pressured or give the impression they were lecherous trolls looking to score. If they were interested in the woman and did feel like there was potential for more dates and a possible relationship, they wanted to make sure she felt the same way. One guy said, “it feels like I’m invading her space.” Yeah, I get that.

The ladies had similar views. To them, kissing on the first date would send the wrong message. For instance, “I’m easy.” They also viewed the first kiss as very meaningful and a precursor for even more intimacy.

Both sexes said it was actually fun to anticipate a first kiss with someone that they had gotten to know a little and were interested in seeing them more.

There were a few un-decideds in my unofficial first date kissing poll. Those who admitted they might kiss someone on the first date said it was because they already knew the person pretty well, like a co-worker or an old high school classmate. Others said that if they were really attracted to the person and wanted to test the chemistry, they said they might kiss them on the first date.

To me kissing is very personal and not something I engage in lightly. I want to get to know the person a little bit first, and I want the anticipation of the first kiss if I am really interested in pursuing more dates.

So what it all comes down to is a matter of personal choice based on your expectations when it comes to dating and relationships.

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