To Kiss or Not to Kiss

Yes, that is the big question, isn’t it? And the answer is different for each and every person. Believe me, each and every person will truly have a different answer! However, here are some generalizations that might help you along.
This one’s for the girls
Okay ladies, I know you probably know this already……but your date wants that kiss. He wants to touch you, and the more you feather your hand across his, the more you brush your lithe body against his, the more he will want you and long for you.
There is also another way to look at the situation: a little bit of mystery, a little bit of holding back, can make you very attractive and fascinating.
So, which one do you want to be? Which path do you want to follow? Well, it all depends on which path will catch you your man, right? Then, think about it as a recipe that needs to be tweaked. Each time you taste your pot of soup, you will add a little more salt or a dash more rosemary. It is the same with your new man. Start out with the basics: any man will appreciate at least a little physical contact. However, on your first date don’t throw yourself all over him – it just isn’t classy. Then spice things up: be perceptive to what your guy is enjoying and what he feels uncomfortable with. Let your guy make the first move, too. If you want to “encourage” him, then send out all the signals that let him know you are open to him making a move.
Now, remember, there are two types of guys. If you are dating a guy who is very religious he will be more reticent to give you that first kiss, to sweep you off your feet and onto a bed. Most other guys will want you in bed ASAP!
Okay, guys!
Let me warn you: your date is probably not as anxious as you to jump into bed…right after your first date, too. Oh, she might be anxious for a kiss, for a role in the hay, but she really isn’t quite as anxious as you. With that in mind, there are two rules that you can usually follow. The first rule is: it is perfectly fine to kiss your date on the first date…unless she indicates that she doesn’t want you to (this is pretty unusual!). The second rule is that you don’t try to get a girl into bed until after your third date.
Now, after reading this, the best thing to do is pretend you never read it and go with your intuition! Well, I do hope that you actually found some helpful tips in here…but, please, do go with your intuition.

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