Top 10 Assumptions that Guys Make About Girls

10. Girls are too whiny
Some girls are, but not all of them. If someone is being to whiny, let them know.

9. Girls only want the unrealistic dream guy.
Everyone has his or her dream person. You probably have one too.

8. Girls like to take advantage of guys.
Both girls AND guys take advantage of each other. That’s just how people are sometimes. There’s no need to generalize it across a gender.

7. Girls don’t know what they want.
Even if some of them don’t know exactly, they usually have a good idea. Also, what they want often changes frequently.

6. Girls always want their way.
People in general always want things their way but in a relationship, compromise is key.

5. Girls have strange senses of humor.
You might not be able to tell your favorite penis joke in front of her, but her sense of humor might not necessarily be weird.

4. They are never satisfied with their current relationship.
They are only unsatisfied when they think the relationship can be better.

3. They don’t want to have sex as much as you do.
Girls think about sex a lot, just like guys do; just in different ways.

2. They only date jerks.
Sure, lots of girls end up with guys who are jerks, but they usually get hurt in the relationship later on down the road.

1: They don’t understand guys.
Since they are the opposite sex, sometimes girls will misunderstand guys. Then again, guys misunderstand girls all of the time. Deal with it.

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