Top 10 Assumptions Women Make About Guys

It’s not always black and white. However, many people see things that way. There are many common misconceptions about guys that women tend to make.

10. Guys are immature.
Emotionally, guys tend to be less mature than girls of the same age but the difference usually isn’t that much.

9. Guys are out of touch with their emotions.
Sure, the average guy isn’t as in touch with his emotions as the average woman of the same age is, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t express his feelings.

8. Guys always look at other girls when they’re in a relationship
Sometimes, guys can’t help but find a woman attractive but it doesn’t mean that they’d rather be with them than the woman they are currently with.

7. Guys are controlling.
Yes, guys can be controlling, but so can girls. However, not all guys will try and control every part of your life.

6. Guys are insensitive.
Guys can be just as thoughtful as girls. Sometimes, they are thoughtful in different ways than you’d expect.

5. Guys only want women for their bodies.
Looks do play a major role in determining whether or not a guy will date a woman but personality is what will allow the relationship to grow.

4. Guys don’t know how to treat women.
Classy guys know how. Guys with no class don’t.

3. Guys aren’t romantic.
Not all guys are total meatheads who just like sports and “manly” things. Most guys will have a softer side if you get to know them.

2. All guys are jerks.
There are countless nice guys out there. Sometimes you have to look in unexpected places to find them.

1: All guys just want sex.
This is one of the most common misconceptions. Most guys want a nice relationship just like most women do. Sex is sometimes a major aspect of the relationship, but it’s not the only thing.

Before you judge a guy, make sure that you’re not jumping to conclusions too early.

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