Top 10 Best Ways To Get Her Attention On An Online Dating Site

Top 10 Best Ways To Get Her Attention On An Online Dating Site.

10. Shoot common on one of her pictures.
Say something about a picture that you like. She might just respond to you.

9. Save her profile
Most dating sites will allow you to favorite or save other profiles.

8. View her profile.
On most dating sites, she will be notified that you viewed her profile.

7. Lightly tease her.
Be careful not to take it too far, though.

6. Tell her something unexpected.
Catch her off guard with a surprising comment. Just make sure to keep it classy.

5. Send her a chat message.
Most dating sites have an instant messaging function and it’s a great tool for initiating conversations in real time.

4. Make your profile description interesting to read.
If your profile sticks out among the rest, she will notice you.

3. Comment on her profile.
If you like something about her profile, let her know!

2. Ask her a question.
Questions are some of the best ways to grab her attention in a positive manner.

1: Shoot her a funny message.
If she finds you funny, she will almost always respond to you.

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