Top 10 Lists: First date locations

Here are 10 good locations for a first date.

1. The park.
The park is a relaxing and quiet place that makes it easy to get to know your date. It’s also easy on the wallet!
2. A live musical event.
Music tends to bring people closer together. Attending a concert with a group that you both enjoy is a great way for you and your date to bond.
3. Coffee shop.
Coffee dates are extremely popular due to the fact that they can be short, cheap and facilitate good conversation.
4. Casual restaurant.
Sometimes, you have to drop the old “dinner question.” When this happens, go to a casual restaurant to enjoy each other’s company.
5. Museum
A museum will give the two of you many things to look at and talk about, making it easy to talk to each other.
6. Take a walk anywhere.
Walks are simple and straight to the point. Just walk and talk!
7. Ice cream
This one works best in warm weather.
8. Night club
Club parties are fun. Get wild and enjoy the night with your date.
9. Local festival
Local festivals are exciting and not quite as high energy as clubs. If you aren’t the party type, this is a great alternative.
10. Art show
Have fun admiring people’s art or make each other laugh by telling jokes about the pieces you don’t like.

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