Top 10 Reasons to Stay Single After a Breakup

10. Taking a breather is important for your mental health.
If you enter into new relationships in a rapid-fire fashion, you begin to believe that you need to be with someone else in order to be happy. Taking a breather will allow you learn to enjoy yourself again.

9. You will have time for another relationship in the future.
Patience is key. Sometimes, you have to wait until you have the opportunity for the right relationship.

8. You have more time for friends and family.
Friends and family are just as, if not, more important that a boyfriend or girlfriend.

7. You can spend time pursuing other aspects of your life.
Now you’ll have time to pursue your passion wholeheartedly.

6. Because being single allows you a certain amount of freedom.
A single person isn’t tied up with commitments that they made to their partner.

5. So that you can improve upon yourself for the next relationship.
Learn your weaknesses and strengths so that your next relationship will last longer.

4. So that you don’t go running back to your ex just because you’re lonely.
Often times, you miss your ex for the wrong reasons and the two of you get back together only to break up again.

3. To give yourself time to explore your options.
After a breakup, take the time to reflect upon yourself and think carefully about what steps you want to take in your love life.

2. It’s easy to rush into a relationship too early.
Loneliness sometimes gets the best of us and we enter a relationship that won’t bring us any happiness.

1: Being single allows for you to get to know yourself better.
Self-knowledge is something that you can keep for the rest of your life. It’s important to strive to learn more about yourself.

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