Top 10 Reasons Why Couples Break Up

10. One of them becomes interested in someone else.
After being in a long relationship, sometimes other people begin to look more attractive.

9. Their lives are too busy.
They have no time for each other.

8. They’re growing tired of being in a relationship.
Not everything lasts forever. Sometimes it’s time to move on.

7. Not enough time spent together.
You only see each other once a week for a couple of hours.

6. Family reasons
You might like your partner, but not his or her family.

5. Lack of communication.
The two people in the relationship don’t talk to each other enough so they slowly begin to drift apart.

4. Distance
It’s hard to stay in a relationship when your partner lives on the other side of the country.

3. Pressure from friends.
Two people in a relationship might like each other but when they are forced to chose between their partner or their friends, the relationship could end suddenly.

2. Too much arguing.
Too many fights will lead to a breakup every time.

1: Cheating
Some people think that they can cheat on their girlfriend or boyfriend and remain in a relationship even if they get caught. Although sweet talk can sometimes work, if they get caught, they can pretty much kiss the relationship goodbye.

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