Top 10 Reasons Why Couples Get Back Together

10. The original breakup was due to a misunderstanding.
Maybe the rumors were wrong and they had no reason to break up in the first place.

9. They want to forget the past and start over.
Sometimes relationships are worth a second chance.

8. They’d rather be in a relationship than be single.
There are benefits to having someone around and sometimes being single is too frustrating.

7. They want to have sexual relations with someone.
If you feel the need to get it on, the easiest thing to do is to talk to an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

6. They simply miss each other.
The cure for loneliness is to get back together.

5. They realize something about themselves.
Maybe they realized that they were truly happy together and that it was time to give the relationship another go.

4. They learn something about the other person.
Sometimes being away from someone allows you to realize something about him or her that you didn’t know before.

3. They realize that it was a mistake to break up in the first place.
They were just being foolish and they made the wrong decision.

2. They can’t find anyone else.
They are having trouble jumping into a relationship with others.

1: They love each other.
They can’t stop thinking about each other, even after several months have passed

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