Top 10 Reasons Why She Wont Go Out With You Again

Many guys make it to the first date, but can’t seem to meet up with her a second time. These reasons below are some reasons why.

10. You’re too quiet.
Maybe you’re a little bit nervous, but if you don’t open your mouth, it’s hard to get to know her.

9. You talk too much.
It’s important to know when to be quiet and listen. If you try and talk the whole time, she won’t have any fun.

8. She found someone else.
Even though she’s hanging out with you today, who’s to say that she hasn’t been talking to anyone else either?

7. Your personalities don’t match well.
Everyone has an ideal personality that they like. If you don’t come close to that then the two of you will probably not end up dating.

6. The two of you don’t have enough in common.
Opposites sometimes attract, but if the two of you are completely different, then it’s tough to find any common ground with each other.

5. You weren’t her type physically.
Looks are important and if she’s not attracted to you physically, then the relationship will not work.

4. You said something to upset her.
Sometimes, you have to watch what you say. You can’t always make the same jokes with her that you make with your friends.

3. You were too nice.
It’s okay to be a nice guy, but when you overdo it, things can get a little bit weird.

2. You were too mean.
Sometimes, it may seem like women only date douche bags, but that doesn’t mean that you should act like a douche bag to try and win her affection.

1. You were too boring.
No one wants to date a guy who isn’t interesting, no matter how nice he may be.

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