Top 10 Reasons Why She’s Breaking Up With You

When breakups happen, they’re often for the same few reasons. Here are some of the most common ones.

10. You weren’t her type after all.
Sometimes, you don’t know that you’re not a good match with someone until you date him or her for a while.

9. The two of you are too far apart distance wise.
Long distance relationships are tough to keep going for extended periods of time. The lack of contact is often too much.

8. She grew tired of you.
If every day is the same with you, she might eventually want something different.

7. She found someone else.
Unfortunately, people aren’t always faithful. Sometimes, the reason why she leaves you is entirely out of your control. Another guy could come along and “steal her away.”

6. Her friends don’t like you.
She may like you but if her friends don’t, she may be pressured by them to leave you.

5. The two of you are at different points in your lives.
Maybe she’s no longer ready for a relationship. Sometimes, people need to be alone.

4. She wants a different type of relationship.
Maybe she wants something a little bit more serious. Or maybe she just wants to have fun.

3. She caught you cheating.
If you’re caught red-handed, don’t expect to walk away Scott free.

2. She didn’t feel that you cared enough about her.
It’s not uncommon for her to feel unloved. Make sure that you show her that you appreciate her.

1. You were being too mean.
Seriously. If you’re being a jerk to her, don’t expect her to stick around

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