Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem to Find the “Right Guy”

10. You don’t allow yourself to enter into a relationship.
Every time a guy approaches you, you push him away without giving him much of a chance.

9. It’s difficult for you to approach guys.
You get too nervous to talk to the guy you actually like.

8. Bad luck
Sometimes, you just keep running into the wrong people.

7. There are so few of the “right guys” near you.
Maybe you just don’t like most of the guys in your area.

6. You’re not sure who the right guy is.
You aren’t sure what type of guy you’re looking for.

5. You’re afraid of dating different types of people.
It can be difficult to leave your comfort zone even if you know that you should.

4. Other people have a strong influence on who you should date.
Your friends or family try to “hook you up” with certain guys.

3. You think that you don’t deserve to be certain guys.
You think that you’re “not good enough” or that some guys are out of your league.

2. You’re attracted to the wrong guys.
The types of guys who you initially like never make good boyfriends.

1: You’re looking in the wrong places.
Try looking online or going to different areas of town. Don’t hang around the same spots all of the time.

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