Top 10 Reasons Why You Get In Fights With Your Girlfriend

10. You both disagree on something that you feel strongly about.
You feel passionate about a cause that your girlfriend passionately objects to.

9. You’re too controlling.
You try and mediate everything she does and that bothers her.

8. You have a short fuse.
Maybe you just get angry easily.

7. You have habits that annoy her.
Maybe you should stop leaving the toilet seat up.

6. She has habits that annoy you.
We all have bad habits, but she might have one that she just refuses to kick.

5. The two of you have contrasting fundamental values.
What you believe deep down in your heart is very different from what she believes.

4. You don’t take the time to see her side of the story.
You’re too busy trying to back yourself up that you fail to see how she feels.

3. You have too much pride.
Don’t let your pride get the best of you.

2. You don’t want to admit that you’re wrong.
No one likes making mistakes and people will often argue their point even if they know it’s wrong just to save face.

1: You’re not tolerant.
Every little thing that she does “wrong” bothers you and you end up telling her.

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