Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Married Right Away

10. You don’t realize how big of a commitment marriage really is.
Marriage is much more than just an extended relationship. It’s a lifetime commitment.

9. You might not truly love who you’re marrying.
Sometimes, know might not know it until you’ve spent a great deal of time with your partner.

8. The two of you haven’t lived together yet.
Being in a relationship with someone often changes when the two of you live together for a while.

7. You’re not sure whether or not that person you’re marrying truly loves you.
Is it lust, or is it true love? If you get married right away, you might not know until it’s too late.

6. You aren’t financially stable.
If the both of you aren’t financially stable, it could bring a lot of stress on your marriage.

5. You don’t know the person you’re marrying well enough.
If you’ve only known him or her for a month, how well do you actually know him or her?

4. You haven’t had the chance to see what else is out there.
If you’re marrying your high school sweetheart how do you know whether or not you’re missing out on a better relationship with someone else?

3. You’re inexperienced.
You’ve only been in a couple of relationships and you’re already ready to settle down without getting to know yourself.

2. Your preferences in your partner will change over time.
What you want in a person when you’re 18 is often very different from what you want when you’re 25.

1: You are married for the wrong reason.
You might marry because it seems like “the cool thing to do” rather than because you never want to be with anyone else.

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