Top 10 Reasons Why Your Online Messages Go Unread

10. The messages weren’t engaging.
The messages contained no substance worth replying to.

9. They have an uninteresting subject title.
Make your subject title something that jumps out at the reader. Don’t just label it “hey.”

8. The message was too cliché.
If it sounds like something you’ve read before, chances are that several people have already sent similar messages.

7. The message was too blunt.
Sometimes blunt can be nice, but other times it can chase potential dates away.

6. They contained grammatical errors.
Take the time to read over your message before you send it and edit out any mistakes.

5. They were too sexual.
Never mention anything sexual in your messages early on. You will come off as creepy.

4. They were too long.
No one has time to spend an hour reading a single dating email. Make it quick!

3. They make you sound arrogant.
Don’t brag about yourself over the Internet. You will only look like you’re trying too hard.

2. They were too short.
One-word messages like “hi” are essentially a waste of your time.

1: They were too generic.
There was nothing special or personal about the messages. They could have been sent to anyone.

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