Top 10 Things You Can Do Later On In A Relationship, But Not On A First Date

Top 10 Things You Can Do Later On In A Relationship, But Not On A First Date

There’s a huge difference between the way the two of you will interact 6 months into the relationship versus 6 days.

10. Talk Dirty
Dirty talk is perfect for the bedroom but not for a casual first date.

9. Make out
Unless the rare moment arises, don’t try and make out with your date on the first day that you see each other. They will probably find you creepy.

8. Sweet talk
Save the extreme romantic talk for the bedroom after a few weeks, not on the first day.

7. Hold hands
Although you can sometimes get away with this on the first date, holding hands often is typically reserved for couples who have been dating for a while.

6. Compliment extensively
Simple compliments are nice when used in moderation. When you’ve been dating someone for some time, you can lay down the compliments without having to worry. In fact, your partner will most like enjoy them. However, on the first day, giving out too many compliments will ruin the date.

5. Kiss
The first date doesn’t often end with a passionate Hollywood kiss like one would hope. It might take a few dates before you get one of those.

4. Make fun of each other.
Once you get to know each other, it is easy to playfully poke fun at each other. It’s what friends do. However, things can be taken the wrong way if you poke fun at them on the first date.

3. Public displays of affection.
Don’t try and pull anything that a long-time couple might do on the first date. For the most part, try and keep your hands to yourself.

2. Express your true feelings.
Even if you having strong feelings for him or her on your first date, rarely is it a good idea to let him or her know right away. It’s important to take things slow.

1. Expressing love.
Do your best to refrain from saying those three words, “I love you” on the first date. You’ll have a high chance of scaring your date away.

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