Top 10 Things You Can Do To Swing The Date Your Way

Top 10 Things You Can Do To Swing The Date Your Way

10. Physical contact.
A little bit of touching goes a long way. It shows that you’re comfortable around your date.

9. Surprise your date.
Do something unexpected, such as buying them a snack or cracking a joke.

8. Change the location.
Simply moving to a different spot can change the entire dynamic of the day.

7. Throw in a casual compliment.
Don’t go overboard. Make it short and sweet. It will put something on your date’s mind.

6. As questions.
Asking questions will remove the need for you to continuously initiate the conversation.

5. Be polite
Rude people rarely do well on dates.

4. Listen to what your date has to say.
Listening intently is just as important as talking.

3. Crack a joke.
A well-timed joke can turn the tides of a date.

2. Smile
Smile so that your date knows that you’re having a good time.

1: Say something witty
Wittiness shows intelligence. Use it when possible.

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