Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Online Messages

10. Refrain from complimenting too much.
The use of too many compliments quickly dulls the conversation.

9. Don’t be too sexual.
Sexual messages on online dating sites tend to be creepy.

8. Reply in a timely manner.
Don’t wait an entire week to reply to the other person. Chances are that he or she already moved on.

7. Make them personal.
Don’t send generic copy/paste messages.

6. Be friendly.
Don’t try too hard to tease the other person in your messages. They could take it the wrong way.

5. Don’t make them too long.
Messages should be short- just a few sentences, not paragraphs.

4. Make them engaging.
Say something interesting that will spark a conversation.

3. Use correct grammar and spelling.
Bad grammar is a huge turn off.

2. Be funny.
Nothing gets people responding like humor does.

1: Give your messages character.
Let your personality shine through in your messages. That way, the recipient will get a better idea of who you are as a person.

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