Top 10 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

There are right ways and wrong ways to end a relationship with someone. Here are some ways to not do it.

10. Online
At least, have the decency to call the person up.

9. In public
It’s never fun to have a relationship suddenly end as countless strangers stare at you.

8. In front of his or her friends.
Don’t embarrass him or her by breaking up while their friends are present. Besides, you’ll probably be receiving some bad remarks from said friends.

7. On his or her birthday.
If possible, wait at lease one more day.

6. When you’re on a road trip together.
Talk about an awkward ride home.

5. Right after a date.
Let’s say the two of you hang out for the entire day as if nothing’s wrong then all of a sudden, you tell your partner that it’s over. What a huge slap in the face!

4. Through a friend.
Show some character and tell him or her that the relationship is over in person. Don’t get someone else to do your dirty work.

3. By getting caught cheating.
Although this is rarely planned, it is the perfect recipe for an embarrassing moment for everyone.

2. In front of his or her family
It’s pretty low to leave someone while they’re standing there with their parents. At least, get them alone first.

1: By disappearing.
One of the worst yet most common ways for someone to break up with someone else is by simply ignoring the other person altogether and disappearing from their life.

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