Truth and Trust

Do you value truth? You might be surprised how people can actually give either rather ambiguous answers to that question. . .or how they just don’t care very much. Now, we all want people to tell the truth to us, of course, but to truly value it you must insist on telling the truth to other people yourself.
Do you feel like you can trust anyone? Do you long for someone you can tell anything and everything to? Now, think about the person that you trust the most. You trust them because they tell you the truth – if they promise not to speak about something to other people, you know that they absolutely will not tell anyone else.
In a relationship, you must have truth and trust. The more you tell each other the truth, the more you can trust each other, and the more you trust each other, the more you can tell each other your deep and dark secrets – the more you can tell each other the truth.
You need to not keep secrets from each other, for you need to be able to trust each other. If you are suspicious of each other, if you cannot trust in each other’s fidelity, then your relationship is doomed to failure. Of course, you do not need to tell each other all the secrets from your past at first, when you are first starting to date. However, you do need to always tell each other what is going on in your lives now.
Please, do understand that sometimes people have very painful past histories. Histories that they do not want to share with everyone – histories that they will not share with someone unless they completely trust them. So, please be kind – please do not press for them to share something with you that is too painful for them to reveal straight away. However, if a relationship is going to get really serious, then you must share everything with each other.
Now, there is one last thing that is so, so important to understand about truth and trust. You MUST be certain to tell your partner the truth – the absolute truth. If you do not – if you vary in the complements or story that you tell your partner in the future – they will be devastated. Let me explain. If you tell you tell your girlfriend/fiancé/wife that she is the woman of your dreams, and then several months or several years later you tell her she is not everything that you wanted, she will be totally devastated. She might stay with you, if you are very lucky, but she will walk around bottling up extreme pain; she might never trust you again, or at least not for a very long time.

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