Understanding Women- How To Know What She Wants

It’s not easy to win a woman’s heart, you need to understand her inside and out. Like men, women are not simple and straight forward. They are complex beings, definitely sent from another planet. To know what women want and expect of guys, you need to read her mind, which can be frustrating because men, especially the ones who’ve just kicked off their dating phase, are really bad at it.

So, what to do if you are crazy about the woman you’ve just started dating and you wish to have a flourishing relationship with her? There is no margin of making mistakes and learning from it because you don’t want to lose her.

Don’t you worry! Here are some universal facts about woman which can help you drive her gaga over you. These are things that a majority of women wish their men knew and if you know it before she spells it out for you then bravo; she will see you as a keeper!

Listen to Her with a Smile
Women love to talk, and when they talk they want someone to listen. If you listen to her with all ears and a smile, she will appreciate you. Also, when you are listening to her, it’s good to agree occasionally because this will mean a lot to her. She feels that there is someone who understands her perspective.

Remember All the Important Dates/Days
Men are not too finicky about remembering dates, however, women are! So, you need to remember all dates that are important to her regardless of how long have you been dating. She wants you to remember her birthday, the date when you met her for the first time, your first kiss, anniversary and several others.

“Fine” is not Good Enough
When she asks you how she looks, you need to be specific. “Fine” is not the word she is looking for. She wants to hear expressive adjectives. So when you compliment her, be original, precise and clear. Women never get bored and sick of hearing compliments, in fact they simply love it. It makes them feel more confident and appealing.

Understand Her Body Language
You need to understand her body language to find out what is cooking up in her mind. If she is saying something which is totally contradicting to her body language, you need to be vigilant and attentive. Sometimes or let’s just say more than often, women don’t express their intimate desires or what they expect of their guy through words, you need to understand her non-verbal signs to win her over.

Hopeless Romantic
Women love romance. No matter how long have you been in a relationship with her, she still wants to know that you love her, she still wants to be surprised and swept away. So, express yourself in the most romantic ways and tell her not just in words but also through your gestures that you are still madly in love with her.