Ways You Can End a First Date with Grace

Sometimes ending a first date can be awkward and weird especially when jitters and nerves come into play. However there are ways to make a graceful exit without hurting your date’s feelings and without you looking like a fool. The next time you find that your date isn’t going too well, try to exit using one of these methods to avoid hurt feelings and awkward farewells.
• Make your first few dates short and sweet. The first dates should be casual and brief. Have a casual lunch or catch a cup of coffee with each other and then go your separate ways. You can even take the extra step and tell your date in advance that you need to be somewhere at a certain time so the goodbyes don’t need to be dragged out. If things are working out with your date, he will hopefully ask you out again as you are exchanging your farewells or if not, at least the ending exchange of your date was brief.
• Make sure to be casual and fun. During your first few dates it’s best to keep deep discussions light and casual. This mean to avoid topics that can rile people up especially if their views are different. Also remember to be yourself and have fun. If your date notices you are uptight then they will be as well.
• Bring your own transportation. If you both are meeting at the restaurant, it might be better to drive there yourself just in case things don’t go well. You don’t want to have to sit in an awkward silence in the car ride back to your place because you don’t have a way to get back to your home on your own. If you don’t drive, have a friend pick you up.
• Be honest. Being upfront with your date is another way to not have an awkward end. If you like the guy let him know you would love to see him again. Now if you didn’t have a great time don’t give false hope by telling them you would like to another date. That’s not fair to your fate.
One of the main reasons why dates end awkwardly is due to nerves and also the inability to be honest with your feelings. Go and enjoy your date and see where it takes you, if it doesn’t work out let your date know and move on.

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