What Does a Guy Want?

Part 2: To Be a Hero
So, last time we were talking together, I shared the secret that men want to feel masculine – believe me, it is one very important secret! Did your first date go well? Maybe your personalities jived really well. Do you have similar interests? Is he exciting? I am sure he finds you fascinating! Of course, you want to be sure of that, don’t you? Yes, I do have another tip for you – a tip to become even more irresistible to the man you are interested in.
The second secret
It is simple, really. A man wants to be a hero in your eyes. This is different from you just making him feel masculine. Not only does a man want you to think he is a man, he also wants to be important to you. Everyone likes to be made to feel important – men and women. We all like to have our egos stroked from time to time. Here is a little secret that I want to share with you: the more important you make a man feel, the more fascinating you will be to him.
Does it seem a little too silly? A little too obvious? Well, it works. Try it.
How do you try it?
How do you make your man – new found or not – feel like a hero? You praise him. Making him feel masculine is a part of making your man feel like a hero. However, there is a little more to it. Praise him about most everything that he does, even if it isn’t exactly a masculine or manly activity. Let him feel appreciated for everything he does. You will actually end up getting more flowers, getting more compliments, and getting more special dates – unless he is one really stupid man. If he doesn’t do something well, always point out the positive or don’t say anything. That old adage that you mom used to tell “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” actually applies to dating and relationships!
Remember, though: always be yourself. Also remember that if you praise something – anything – your man – new or old – will want to poses that attribute himself.
This is a powerful secret!

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