What Does a Guy Want?

Part 4: A Woman
Does this seem a little bit too obvious? I don’t mean that a straight guy is attracted to a woman. No, I mean something a little bit more complex than that. If a guy is going out on a date with you, he is not looking for a pal, a chum, or some time with “one of the guys”. He wants to spend time with a woman. Let me explain…
Don’t wear a baseball cap
He is taking you to a nice restaurant. Maybe he is bringing you a bunch of roses. Possibly even he will open the door for you, pull out your chair for you, and in other words be the consummate gentleman! Don’t disappoint him and act tough, tell him you can do it yourself, and refuse to let him be a gentleman. You will put him on the offensive and make him feel like he can’t do anything that you want. Believe me, he probably won’t ask you out on another date.
Maybe you ARE tough. I am sure that you CAN do pretty much everything for yourself. After all, you are a strong and very capable woman. Let me let you in on a little secret now about the psyche of men: they don’t want to think that you can do everything for yourself. Instead of getting all up in arms about it, just indulge him. After all, you want him to like you and find you fascinating, right?
Look and act like a woman
If you have to wear a business suit to dinner, try to wear a skirt. A little black dress that you can dress down for the office and dress up for the evening is even better! Show off your curves – wear something that is sexy and shows you off the best.

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