What Does a Guy Want?

Part 3: Beauty

You know what they say about first impressions… It starts with what someone first sees of you, and if they like that they will wait to hear you open your mouth. Men, especially, are very visual. While they might not be able to tell you what they like or don’t like about what they say, they certainly know when they see something that they like!

Through a man’s eyes

Men do look at the world differently than women do! When a mostly slender woman looks in the mirror and can not get over how fat she thinks that she is, a man will simply see some luscious curved that he wants to get his hands on. Instead of thinking that your butt is too fat, a man will be captivated when her watches you walk in front of him. When a slender woman who has genetically bigger hips bemoans her bad luck and her “wide” hips, a man will be captivated with watching them sway back and forth. It just goes to show that men see things very differently than women do! On a side note, have you ever noticed how many times car adds will use a pretty woman standing next to a posh car to sell their make and model? Yes, it really is true that guys like a pretty woman and a nice looking car put together! (and let’s not speculate on which they will notice the most – the woman or the car…)

Stylish or flashy?

Do you already know how your date wants his women to look? Great! Then dress that way if you can! If you don’t already know how your date likes his women to look, don’t sweat it – just do a little sleuthing. Does your date wear trendy clothes in what might be called daring color for guys (mauve, yellow, pink, fuchsia)? Then he is a bit hipster and artsy and will like you in pleated skirts with leggings and beaded jewelry and flats…you get the picture. Is your date a torn jeans and cowboy boots sort of guy? Well, then wearing jeans is always a safe bet yourself! Just remember to wear a nice shirt with them – you still want to look beautiful

You get the picture – dress yourself in a style your guy feels comfortable in himself. If you cannot decide what style your guy is – maybe it is a first date and you have only seen a couple of pictured of him, maybe you have only seen him once – then you can feel confident in knowing that most guys love a woman who dresses with class in sexy, sleek, out-on-the-town-as-a-successful-business-woman look.

Remember, too, to be yourself. Only wear something you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy in!

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